Company Profile

The Pacific Shipping Group of Companies of today started back in 1999 as Pacific Shipping Agency serving shipowners in Turkish ports. The company evolved and strengthened in time and presently is active in the sectors of :

  • Ship Management
  • Chartering & Brokerage
  • Shipping Agencies
  • Projects and Logistics
  • Ship Repairs

The Ship-management company presently handles a fleet of ten vessels and will further strengthen its position in the short and mid term with the addition of new tonnage.

The Chartering company deals with charterers and ship-owners worldwide and holds a strong position especially in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East cargoes. The chartering desk manages the usual bulk and factory products.making sure that the charter party terms safeguard our clients’ interests to the best degree.

The Ship Agency company, attends the ship-owner calling at any Turkish port, crossing the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits and renders services to all vessel types and purpose of call. Currently the ship-agency serves efficiently over a thousand vessels annuallly.

The Projects and Logistics company handles unusual and heavy lift cargoes transport over-land and sea and cares from formalities to cargo securing and inspection. Our experience guarantess short transit times and coimpetitive freights for door to door deliveries and multimodal transport.

The Ship Repair company relies on the experience of its personnel to offer service from trouble shooting to major repairs and drydocking works.

Agency Service

Our highly experienced team serving around 1100-1200 ships annually, is committed to follow up your vessel from issuing a proforma D/A and pre-arrival formalities to loading and discharging operations, drydocking and repairs

Projects & Logistics

Projects and heavy lift cargoes transport by sea and land requires special knowledge and expertise. We have the necessary resources in house and the right net-work to offer solutions for this demanding type of transport

Ship Management

We are proud of our safety and environmental record and continually strive to improve the SMS to ensure this record is maintained. The system has been developed in house to provide for an efficient operational system.