Crew Management

We made all our affords in order to progress crewing operations safely and effective for vessels under Management of Pacific Shipping Group. Our Crewing department is highly experienced at management of multinational crew and mainly responsible to ensure that ships are manned with adequate qualified, skilled, certificated and medically fit seafarers in accordance with national and international requirements, as well as in line with the high standards which company has set up.

Those responsibilities in particular include -but are not limited- the following;

Monitoring manning level and forecasting manning needs for all vessels.
The identification of hiring/promotion needs as well as the determination of required qualifications and skills.
Evaluation of crewmembers, setting up training programmes and attending these training in case of need.
Controlling and evaluating the performance of crewmembers and arrangement of performance reports.
Follow up and update of crew documentation and ensure to all crewmembers obtain necessary documentaiton.
Resulting of industry wage monitoring, taking precautions for cost Management and keeping crew expenses at an optimum level